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McMillin Family Dentistry has been serving the Fairborn Ohio area for over 25 years, and focuses on creating an atmosphere that is positive whether you are 4 or 104. We treat entire families, and find that establishing a long term relationship allows us to give you the best possible treatment by understanding your individual (and family) needs.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Custom Anti Snoring Devices

Dr McMillin specializes in professional teeth whitening offering our personally customized and comprehensive at-home professional teeth whitening systems. Don't waste your money on over the counter remedies that are time consuming, irritable, and provide poor results because they do not contain sufficient professional peroxide ingredients. These are necessary for proper whitening your teeth.

Great treatment options for snoring are the snoring mouthpieces or mouth guards i.e. dental appliances which will keep the soft muscles in your jaw and throat from collapsing when you sleep (cause of snoring). These anti-snoring devices fall under the category of dental appliances for snoring. It is intended to prevent any obstruction in your air passageway and thus help prevent snoring and give you a more peaceful and relaxed night's sleep.